Share of Americans with health insurance declines…

Share of Americans With Health Insurance Declined in 2018 The drop, despite a strong economy, was the first since 2009 and at least partly caused by efforts to weaken the Affordable Care Act.
ImageA patient being fitted for new glasses at a clinic in Knoxville, Tenn., in February. More Americans lacked health insurance last year for the first time in years.
CreditCreditSpencer Platt/Getty Images

Fewer Americans are living in poverty, but for the first time in years, more of them lack health insurance.

About 27.5 million people, or 8.5 percent of the population, lacked health insurance for all of 2018, up from 7.9 percent the year before, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday. It was the first increase since the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, and experts said it was at least partly the result of the Trump administration’s efforts to undermine that law.

The growth in the ranks of the uninsured was particularly striking because the economy was doing well. The same report showed the share of Americans living in poverty fell to 11.8 percent, the lowest level since 2001, and household incomes edged up to their highest level on record.

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