Popular Mandeville restaurant catches fire.

Popular Mandeville restaurant catches fire
WGNO Web Desk
4 weeks ago

MANDEVILLE, LA — There was a rare sight at Liz’s Where Y’at Diner late this morning, an empty parking lot. The business was serving breakfast to a crowd of about 25 people when the diner caught fire.

According to business employees, the fire did not start in the kitchen. Instead the point of origin appears to be a storage area at a back corner of the building.

The fire started at about 10:30 in the morning, and restaurant workers say Saint Tammany firefighters were arrived in less than five minutes and had the flames out by about 11:00.

Hours after the fire, Saint Tammany firefighters and the ATF remained at the scene. The cause of the fire appears to be an electrical issue of some sort, according to the business’ owner, Liz Munson.

The restaurant is a popular breakfast and lunch spot. It serves breakfast during all hours of operation and offers all kinds of Benedict dishes.

Nobody was hurt in the fire, and the restaurant and building owners were already making plans to repair the damage.

Munson says she was planning to celebrate the diner’s tenth anniversary in July. But the restaurant will now remain closed until further notice as the repair work is completed.

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